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Sense and Sensibility

I often get annoyed of people who talk for no reason. Talk for the sake of hearing their own voice. But now I thought about if everyone only said what was necessary there will be no humanity, just productivity. Like robots. We are human. It is the little things, even if it is annoying, that bonds and connects us.

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I am most happy when I am surrounded by people with the same mind set as myself.

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Futile Efforts

Trying to impress you is like trying to impress a kindergartner. If I succeed, it is not praiseworthy; if I do not, it is from your lack of comprehension.

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Dad, come back home soon. I miss you.

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Amor Vincit Omnia

Does love really conquers all?

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Filial Piety

My father called me the other day. He asked me to send him $500 because he did not bring enough cash to Vietnam. I was actually glad that he reached out to me. I sent him $700 so that he would have more wiggle room. It seemed obvious and justified to me at that moment to ask for the money back when my father returns, since it was money I have been saving up in the last five months for school and books. But I thought about it today, I have no reason to ask for it back. What was I actually saving for? What was I working hard for? To take care of myself so my dad does not have to. And also, more importantly, to take care of my father. My parents did not and will not ask for the money they had spent on me for the last 18 years. So why do I need to ask for $700 back? I should send him more money when I get my check.

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Dear Beautiful,

I am sorry for your loss, my sweet darling. It would make sense for me to know the right words to comfort you because I lost my grandfather, my beloved mother, and my grandmother last year. But I do not know what to say. The only thing that I know is to be with you. To sit by your side in silence, to have open ears, or to cry beside with you. That I know are the right things to do.

I do not know how close you are with your grandfather but I want you to know that he is in a better place now. Far from the hatred and greed of mankind, and close to the love and kindness of your heart.

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While I was talking on the phone, I realized that I had not genuinely laugh in a long time. I miss my laughter. I could not tell him all the drama that was happening in my life because there is no point. It would bring unnecessary negativity into the conversation. It would provoke sympathy, empathy, and, maybe, even pity; all of which I do not want. I want to have a real, normal, fun conversation on the phone. It brings back memories. Everything is different now. For the better. I see things a little clearer. I see how it did not work and why it did not work. But this is not about that. This is about how this phone call made me feel better. Relieved. I am glad things are working out for him. And things are getting back in to place for me.

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One Foot in Front of the Other

Why do I want the attention of someone I do not want in my life? It seems pretty shallow to me. Maybe because there are so many unanswered questions. So many unsettled things. Maybe the right thing for me to do is move on. Stop looking back.

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To become a leader requires taking personal initiative and thinking about how an organization can work differently. It also requires networking, self-promotion, and self-assertion.

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I am glad I go to college.

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100 Ways to Praise a Child


Wow * Way to go * Super * You’re special * Outstanding * Excellent * Great * Good * Neat * Well done * Remarkable * I knew you could do it * I’m proud of you * Fantastic * Superstar * Nice work * Looking good * You’re on top of it * Beautiful * Now you’re flying * You’re catching on * Now you’ve got it * You’re incredible * Bravo * You’re fantastic * Hurray for you * You’re on the target * You’re on your way * How nice * How smart * Good job * That’s incredible * Hot dog * Dynamite * You’re beautiful * You’re unique * Nothing can stop you now * Good for you * I like you * You’re darling * You’re a winner * Remarkable job * Beautiful work * Spectacular * You’re spectacular * You’re precious * Great discovery * You’re discovered the secret * You figured it out * Fantastic job * Hip hip hurray * Bingo * Magnificent * Terrific job * Super job * Fantastic job * Exceptional performance * You’re a real trooper * What a great kid * Phenomenal * You are responsible * You are exciting * You learned it right * What an imagination * What a good listener * You are fun * You tried hard * You care * Beautiful sharing * Outstanding performance * You’re a good friend * I trust you * You’re important * You mean a lot to me * You make me happy * You belong * You’ve got a friend * You make me laugh * You brighten my day * I respect you * You mean the world to me * That’s correct * You’re a joy * You’re a treasure * You’re wonderful * You’re perfect * Awesome * A+ job * You’re A-OK * You’re my buddy * You’re growing up * You made my day * That’s the best * I am impressed * I love you

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